The Fondo Women's Cycling Chamois

When you buy a Fondo chamois you're investing in superior comfort and long lasting quality

When you invest in a pair of Fondo knicks you're investing in a high quality chamois that will last you for many years and even more kms!  Sure, there are cheaper knicks on the market but we can guarantee the chamois won't come close to the comfort or longevity offered by a Fondo chamois.   

Our women's cycling chamois is designed for superior comfort and performance.  At a density of 100kg/m2 this is the chamois that will keep you cool and dry on the warmest days and longest rides. 

Chafing, abrasions or worse still, saddle sores are NOT a necessary evil of riding a bike - invest in a pair of knicks with combines a high density chamois and compression lycra to hold the chamois in place and we promise these issues will be a thing of the past.    Fondo butts are comfy butts!

Superior Support

  • Highest density chamois foam on the market - 100 kg/m2
  • Double layer high density foam
  • Ergonomic bi-elastic pad facilitates changes in posture whilst riding
  • Women's specific shape

Superior Hygiene

  • Hydrophilic surface absorbs and wicks moisture
  • Bacteriostatic cover
  • Breathable support
Image of Fondo's high density Italian chamois, one of the most comfortable women's chamois on the market.  Don't stand for anything less.