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Athletes who choose Fondo l Meet Naomi Ockerse

Female triathlete Naomi Ockerse wearing Fondo women's cycling kit Ibiza.


Female road cyclist Naomi Ockerse wearing Fondo women's cycling kit riding in Italy

Naomi Ockerse

Tell us your cycling story?

I've always been sporty in some way or another and I've always had a bike. Biking as I was growing up was just something you could do and used to get from A to B before you had a car. In 2012 my husband wanted to make some healthier choices and decided to get back into triathlon, which he'd taken part in as a teenager. Of course he needed a training partner and I didn't take much convincing to give it a go. After trying a short season of hilly sprint triathlons on my three gear Dutch bike (weighing in at 21kg!), I looked into joining my husband in the road bike club. Now my husband and I regularly go on long tours together (always with a cake stop) and have enjoyed week long cycling holidays on Mallorca with friends. Even if you're not competing, it's such a great way to get out and see the countryside or the next town.

What are you training for at the moment?

Three Olympic distance triathlons here in Bavaria - all one weekend after the next! (German summers aren't long) and two running marathons in September and October.

What do you love most about riding bikes?

I love the satisfaction of completing a day out cycling where you don't have to think about anything (except maybe where your Garmin is taking you) and you make it home after trying a few challenging climbs and maybe you picked up a new trophy on Strava for your favouite straight stretch of road. Even though cycling is quite singular, it's fantastic when you can work together as a group. Sometimes you help pull people along, other times you might need help up a hill and there is always someone there with a spare multi-tool or gel when the going gets tough. The top highlights though are definitely cycling downhill and eating cake :)

How many Fondo kits do you own and which one is your favourite?

One kit (Ibiza) and the winter jacket. My favourites are Ibiza and the winter jacket (it's so toasty without being sweaty). I also had my eye on Confetti and Astro and I could definitely use the Gilet

What do you like about your Fondo kit?

The colours and patterns are great and then when you try it on it's soft quality gear that fits. You don't want use your other kit. Fondo is made by women for women. I never realised how much of a difference this would make, but it comes through in the style, fit and details. You look good, you feel good, you ride good. I also love being a #FondoButt.

And finally, what makes Fondo kit so comfortable?

The fabric is lovely. It's quite thin but you can feel the quality and know it's going to last. The chamois is well situated and the stitching doesn't rub in the wrong places. None of the seams rub. It's just comfortable. I love being out in my Fondo kit. You're always comfortable and you look great. When you have this combo you can keep going without worrying about niggles, or something digging in which leads to reaching new heights, taking the long way home and just getting out there more often.