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Elise Fookes


Elise Fookes


Tell us your cycling story?

Around one and a half years ago, a friend had just bought a road bike and I'd always wanted to give it a go. So I bought a bike too, and got well and truly bitten by the cycling bug-I upgraded my bike barely six months later. Now I'm even more obsessed.

What are you training for at the moment?

Giro della Donna, triathlons, and maybe I’ll have a go at some crit racing as well.

What do you love most about riding bikes?

The sense of freedom and enjoyment. Even when my legs are smashed and I want to give up, it's still fun. It's also been a great way to meet heaps of new awesome and inspiring people.

How many Fondo kits do you own and which one is your favourite?

Eight! Ibiza is my favourite or the 2016 Trek Fondo race team kit.

What do you like about your Fondo kit?

Everything! It's the most comfortable kit I've worn and it's always easy to find socks to match (very important!). It's good to know I can go out there and ride without worrying about my kit moving around, bunching or riding up so I can just focus on riding my bike instead.

And finally, what makes Fondo kit so comfortable?

The compression bib shorts are perfect-they give plenty of support, they don't move around at all, and the straps are wide enough so they don't dig in to my shoulders! Nothing rides up at all, and the chamois is much more comfortable than the other brands I've tried. The kit gives me the confidence that I can go out for longer rides and not have to worry about getting uncomfortable at all.