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Athletes who choose Fondo l Meet Andrea Tobin


Female cyclist Andrea Tobin wearing her Fondo cycling kit out on the mountain bike trails

Andrea Tobin

 Tell us your cycling story?

I've been riding for six years. I just went through a tough breakup and was living in my sister's house. She had always been a cyclist and told me I needed a new hobby. She gave me one of her old bikes and after my first ride I never looked back. 

What are you training for at the moment?

The 106 mile Tour de Big Bear.

What do you love most about riding bikes?

The community and the sense of accomplishment. Looking back at friendships I have now I can't believe how many people I wouldn't know if I never rode a bike. The people you ride with become more than friends, they become your family. After an eight hour day in the saddle you look back and think "I can't believe I finished that ride, I couldn't have done it without so and so." I have become so close to all of my riding friends and after a long "character building" ride, there is nothing better than grabbing a beer and revisiting the epic day.

How many Fondo kits do you own and which one is your favourite?

Three at home and another one on the way. Confetti is my favourite.

What do you like about your Fondo kit?

THE FIT!!! I love the long race cut style! I absolutely hate when the arms of a jersey are too short and it's overall too baggy. Also, the neckline on the Fondo kits are so flattering yet they still cover the back of your neck. I also love the pockets! I know that sounds like a funny thing to say however, being an extra small, pockets can sometimes be a problem, especially if there are three. I have some jerseys where I can't even fit a pair of arm warmers in one, but somehow, the Fondo three pocket jersey magically fits everything I need with room to spare.

And finally, what makes Fondo kit so comfortable?

The great chamois and the fabrics are the perfect weight. I love the tightness of the bibs and even though getting dressed is always a little comical everything stays exactly where it's supposed to. Every time I wear one of my Fondo kits, my kit is the last thing on my mind while riding. I don't have to think about if the shorts are riding up, if the straps are digging in, if the jersey isn't breathing, I can just focus on my ride. Because lets be honest, any pain should be coming from your killer ride, not your kit.   I also always get compliments on my kit so that inspires me to ride more because who doesn't like compliments!