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Athletes who choose Fondo l Meet Ally Wollaston

Track cyclist Ally Wollaston wearing Fondo women's cycling kit
Ally Wollaston out riding in her Fondo women's cycling kit

Ally Wollaston

Tell us your cycling story?

I have been riding my bike for five years now. I started cycling because my family was very involved in my school cycling team as my older sister Nina was cycling with the school at the time. I went along to the 'learn to ride' courses and took a strong liking to the sport. I began racing at small events such as schools racing and as I grew older I began racing at bigger events for example representing New Zealand at the Junior Tour of Canberra.

What are you training for at the moment?

I am currently training for the New Zealand Age Group Road Nationals which is in two weeks.

What do you love most about riding bikes?

The best thing about riding my bike is the friendships made with other cyclists. I have met amazing people from various parts of New Zealand which is something I never would have had if I didn't cycle. Also the ability to jump on my bike and ride anywhere I want. I have seen parts of New Zealand that I never would have if I wasn't travelling on two wheels. Cycling is an amazing way to see the world from a different perspective.

How many Fondo kits do you own and which one is your favourite?

I have one Fondo kit, Astro, and I wear it ALL the time.

What do you like about your Fondo kit?

I love the simple and effective design that Fondo uses. They produce alternative and fashionable kits that leave women looking stealth and stylish on the start line. However the thing I love most about the Fondo kit is its comfort and tight fit which is perfect for racing.
I like that Fondo not only supports elite athletes but also cyclists that cycle just for the enjoyment of being on a bike. It makes the Fondo community a diverse and unique team that are all passionate about the same thing.

And finally, what makes Fondo kit so comfortable?

The Fondo bib shorts are the most comfortable bib shorts I own. The women's specific design chamois is great quality which is very ideal for long days in the saddle. Also the jersey is very breathable and light which is great for racing in the heat.