We love a stretch sequence

When we workout we tend to focus on building muscle and increasing our aerobic fitness. 

While strength and cardio training are  important elements of our health and wellbeing, a commonly overlooked factor is flexibility.  Maintaining good flexibility is not only critical for mobility but it is also helps to prevent injury and reduce muscle pain.  

One of the best ways to improve flexibility is to incorporate regular stretching to your fitness regime.  Cyclists and runners particularly benefit from a good stretch as the body tends to stay in the same position for long periods on long rides and runs, resulting in stiffness and reduced mobility.  

 To get you started on your journey to better flexibility we've put together a simple stretch segment for you.  Pull on your leggings, grab a yoga mat and lets get started!  


 female athlete in fondo activewear stretching her leg on yoga mat

Hip stretch: Draw right knee to chest and hold for 10 seconds.  Repeat on left side. 
Female athlete wearing fondo activewear doing side hip stretch Lower back stretch: Draw both knees together and slower lift to the left side of the body.  Ensure shoulder remains on the floor.  Draw knees back to the centre and then slowly move to the right side.
Female athlete doing lateral stretch wearing fondo leggings and muscle tank Side Stretch: Keeping shoulders on the floor draw left leg across the body to right side and hold for 10 secs.  Move leg back to centre.  Repeat with right leg. 
Woman doing glute stretch in fondo activewear on yoga mat Glute stretch: Draw right knee to chest until the lower right leg is parralel to the floor. Draw left leg over the right and gently push left knee backward with left arm.  Hold for 10 secs.  Repeat on other side.
Woman stretching in fondo activewear on yoga mat Seated Twist: Start in cross leg position.  Draw left leg up and over right leg placing left foot next to right knee.  Sit up straight and grasp right knee with both hands.  Hold for 10 secs.  Repeat on other side.
Woman stretching in fondo leggings and singlet on yoga mat Child's Pose: Start on all fours and slowly lean bottom back to rest on feet, widen knees if required.  Reach hands out in front whilst forehead rests on mat.  Hold for as long as you want, take a moment to breathe!


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