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Worked your way through Netflix's back catalogue and looking for something more satisfying to exercise your brain??

Look no further than this selection of podcasts from the team at Radiolab that explore some fascinating health and sport related topics.  Guaranteed to get you through at least another week of these lockdowns!

The Unslicening

Did you know that women tend to get autoimmune disease more than men? Three scientists dive back in time and into our genome to try to find out why.

Gonads: Dutee

In 2014, India’s Dutee Chand was a rising female track and field star, crushing national records. But then, that summer, something unexpected happened: she failed a gender test and was banned from the sport. Before she knew it, Dutee was thrown into the middle of a controversy that started long before her, and continues on today: how to separate males and females in sport. 

This podcast is part of a 6 episode series called Gonads that explores the parts of us that let us procreate.  It covers a wide range of topics including male and female chromosome combinations, the drive to procreate, fertility procedures and much much more.

The Dirty Drug and the Ice Cream Tub

Follow the amazing journey of discovery of a molecule dug out of the dirt on the ancient island of Rapa Nui and how it lead to the discovery of a obscure protein found in every one of our human cells.  A tale of serendipity that also teaches us something fundamental about the human body and how it decides when to grow and when to repair.

About Radiolab

Radiolab is a podcast and public radio shows known for its deep-dive journalism and its ability to explore scientific concepts in an interesting and accessible way. 

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